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Future Fantasy

Someday my prince will come....HAHAH no, totes joking. But frilly stuff is fun, and after all, i DO have ovaries, so who am I to ignore the obligatory Wedding Crap Board?

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics [just in case you ain't have nobody to ask....]

GAH I love love LOOOOVE this mid-century modern take on a "floral" wedding cake!!!! Uuuuugh now I want to theme my eventual wedding cake on the Dot and the Line. (it's a cartoon from 196? and it's the world's most awesome love story so if you don't know you betta ask somebody.)

love this idea--silhouette cake-toppers. chic; both trendy and timeless

IDEAL fabric. structure, movement, grace, impact, not too frou-frou, not too lesbiriffic. I dig. I'd make the dress myself if i could buy about 100 yards of WHATEVER THAT SKIRT IS MADE OF.

by Jean Paul Gaultier

winter wedding

This is a site where brides can sell all of the leftovers from their weddings. I will be looking here before I buy anything in bulk!

holy sh*tsnacks--if i ever get a proposal, i might have to work this into the vows. :P

wedding dress [LOVE LOVE LOVE the floaty layers, and the way they are kept tethered to reality with the structure of the pleating...UGH, and the bodice reminds me of mermaid shells a little, without being too-too costumey.]

Experts' Bridal Registry Picks - A must read for any new brides going to register! Cut the indecisiveness and have a clear idea of the items to put on that registry! ALEXI!

invite all of the married couples onto the dance floor. The DJ announces years of marriage in five-year increments and the couples sit down when they hear theirs called. At the end of the song, the couple that has been married the longest remains and provides words of wisdom for a long, happy marriage... Cute idea.