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Bacon cheeseburger soup in the crockpot. 1 LB. ground Beef 1 container philadelphia (tomato basil) cooking cream 1 pkg. of bacon ore ida frozen hash browns 1 block velveeta cheese 1 container swanson chicken broth cook hamburger and bacon (break into smaller pieces) Then dump everything into crockpot .Cook on high 4-5 hours.Stir every once in a while.

Stuffed Italian Bread....they call it "crack" bread!

3 ingredients. Best Pork Chops ever. Crockpot. Cream of celery. Ranch Mix and chops.

Sweet and Spicy Caramelized Onion & BBQ Grilled Cheese - Love with recipe

Crock-Pot Chicken Teriyaki | 1 lb diced chicken - 1 c chicken broth - ½ c teriyaki sauce - ⅓ c brown sugar - 3 minced garlic cloves

THE most amazing pizza dough ever ~ 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of Self Rising flour.....................that's it! This quantity makes a single pizza, but you can increase the ingredients and feed a crowd if you want to.

"20 Creative & Healthy School Lunch Ideas" -- you know, because when I think "healthy" I automatically think "pizza."

Pancake Bites. Use your favorite pancake mix, pour into muffin tins, add fruit, nuts, veggie sausage or bacon, chocolate chips, etc. Bake at 180 for 12-14 minutes

This lady is a genius!!! WOW! 4 hours, 46 meals, 95 dollars. Another pinner said, “I started doing this earlier this year and cannot believe how much stress it has eliminated and how much better we are eating while saving money.”

Grilled Cheese Pull-Apart Rolls with tomato soup! Gotta remember this for winter. Yum!!

Life's Little Moments: Freezer Cook. She's a genius - complete walk through on her plan of attack.

Camping Food - Taco in a bag This is an awesome idea for camping. And I can make this ahead of time so not a lot of prep on the road. :)

Hobo Burger. Wrap a minced patty in tin foil with very thinly sliced potatoes, onions, cheese and anything else you like. Cook on the BBQ coals.

camping food- good ideas!

They're called zucchini bites. They are the healthy version of tater tots. The recipe for these couldn't be any easier. >> I want to try this :)