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How to Grow Weed

Learn how easy it is to grow your own weed.

Get legendary genetics in the palm of your hand by starting with great seeds! Source:

Growing cannabis in SOIL could make buds taste & smell better. Source:

Dry buds in the proper temperature & humidity for connoisseur quality buds. Source:

Optimum temperature range during the cannabis flowering stage. Source:

After FIMing, you should still be able to see a "mowed" top, as pictured here. Original link:

After topping or FIMing, the connections to each node become enlarged at the base, this is because the plant is spreading energy more evenly across the whole plant. Basically, she wants to increase the flow of nutrients, water, and other plant processes to all nodes, in case she loses another cola. Original link:

Topping your marijuana plant causes it to produce 2 colas while stimulating the rest of the plant to grow bushier. Original link:

FIMing is the easiest marijuana growth control technique for bushy, high-yielding plants. Get 4 colas in one cut. Original link:

Detailed explanation of two marijuana growth control techniques that involve actually cutting the plant. Original link:

Cool closeup of healthy marijuana seeds. As you can see, it's normal for them to have stripes and other odd coloring. Healthy, fully developed seeds are dark and hard. They cannot be crushed with your fingers. Original link: marijuanaseedsblo...

This simple 6-step illustration demonstrates exactly how you can germinate your marijuana seeds using two plates, a paper tower, and a CFL bulb. This image is a small piece of the complete "Stealth Grower's Cheat Sheet" located here:

Growing weed: a marijuana seedling. The smooth cotyledon leaves appear first, then the wrinkled 'marijuana' leaves appear. After that, they grow FAST!