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JFK, Jr. saluting his father

Nicodemus was settled in 1877, and is the only surviving all-black settlement west of the Mississippi that was settled by former slaves during the Exoduster period after the Civil War. It is now a historic site administered by the National Parks Service.

A portrait of the only President of the Confederate States of America . . . Mr. Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis was born on this day (June 3rd) in the year 1808.

Dakota 1809, name of a group of native peoples from the Plains states speaking a Siouan language, from Dakota dakhota “friendly” (the name often is translated as “allies”). Recorded by Lewis and Clark (1804) as Dar co tar; in western dialects of the Teton subgroup, Lakota, Lakhota; in Assiniboine dialect, Nakota, Chief Little Wound, in council, Dakota Territory, c1899

Funeral Carriage Hearses go back centuries as a form to carry a casket from funeral to burial site. Up until the mid 1800's, most casket were just placed in the back of a horse trailor and transported. In the mid to late 1800s, hearses became more elaborate. This horse drawn funeral carriage was used in the early 1900s.

William Gunnison Chamberlain, Ute Medicine Man. 1895.

Seth Kinman, California hunter (September 29, 1815 – February 24, 1888). "Kinman claimed to have shot a total of over 800 grizzly bears, and, in a single month, over 50 elk. He was also a musician who performed for President Lincoln on a fiddle made from the skull of a mule."

Native American memento mori...

Bonnie and Clyde at funeral parlor.The mob was horrible.One man was even getting ready to cut off Clyde's trigger finger.People were cutting off peice of their clothes and They also were cutting off Bonnie's hair for keepsakes ect.Pretty sick people.

Jesse James Funeral (2 of 3)

Jesse James Funeral (1 of 3)

Jesse James Funeral (3 of 3)

Sir Winston Churchill's funeral cortege on Ludgate Hill, London - 1965.

Funeral for Alexander Graham Bell

Funeral for Medgar Evers

James Coburn & Steve McQueen (in head to toe denim) were pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s Seattle funeral.

Former first lady Jackie Kennedy and Coretta Scott King at Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1968 funeral.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Funeral Photography by Harry Benson

Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde) in her casket

The Queen mothers funeral

Princess Diana dies.

Headlines from Martin Luther King's Death