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line muffin tins w ham crack 1 egg into each. bake 20 min at 375 degrees!!

Try the Whole30 Diet For Just One Day

To get rid of stomach bloat drink 2L of "Slimming Water" everyday: 2L of water, 1 tsp of grated ginger root (anti-inflammatory), 1 med cucumber (mild diuretic)peeled and thinly sliced, 1 med lemon (aids digestion) thinly sliced and 12 mint leaves(diuretic and natural remedy for digestive problems).

Flourless Coconut Almond Bars - An Oregon Cottage

Flourless Coconut Almond Bars - An Oregon Cottage

Preparing Your Pork Roast For The Slow Cooker Is Very Important...this has brown sugar, soy sauce, red wine & ketchup. It is one of the best recipes for a slow cooker pork roast that is so delicious & tasty.

Slow Cooker Pork Recipes

The perfect side dish. Full of flavor and lots of veggies! #veggies #recipe #sidedish

Parmesan Squash and Zucchini Bake - Favorite Family Recipes

This is a great protein smoothie to kick off your week!

Healthier Greek Yogurt Biscuits bake up soft and fluffy with a little less fat and a little more protein.

Greek Yogurt Biscuits - Lovely Little Kitchen

Rocky Road Pudding Popsicles, chocolate, marshmallows, almonds, all together in a frozen treat!

Rocky Road Pudding Popsicles - Chocolate Chocolate and More!

These make ahead hamburger patties are easy to put together and have great flavor. The patties freeze nicely making it a quick and easy free...

Make Ahead Hamburger Patties {Freezer Friendly}

**Double Chocolate Muffins : 95 calories** Blend & bake at 350: 1 3/4 cup Oats, 3 Egg whites, 3/4 cup Unsweetened cocoa, 1/2 cup Unsweetened applesauce, 1 tsp Vanilla extract, 1/2 cup Plain greek yogurt (or regular plain... low fat yogurt), 1/2 tsp Cream of tartar (or 2 tsp. vinegar), 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder, 1 1/2 tsp Baking soda, 1/4 tsp Salt, 1 cup, Hot water, 1/2 cup Baking stevia OR 1 cup of Truvia. Bake 10 minutes then top with tiny bits of 85% dark chocolate and bake 2 more minutes.

Simple healthy vegan breakfast cookie loaded with chia seeds and rolled oats

So easy and delicious! Shannon Titus I have made these "soda cracker" bars since I was tiny. My grandma has made them... A "huge" Lutheran church potluck food. Yummy yummy

Homemade fruit rollups - the only ingredient is fruit. Puree, spread, bake 3-4 hours at 175 and done.

Cored apple slices with peanut butter, oats, nuts and chocolate chips

Freeze broth in ice cube trays to keep a big container from going bad.

17 Cooking Tricks That Make Food Prep So Much Easier

Most salad dressings will bust any diet plan, not to mention the unhealthy preservatives and coloring. These 10 homemade healthy dressings will keep your salad low calorie and healthy.