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Deleted scene--that I wish they would have kept.

  • Dani Marcum

    I think JK Rowling said she almost added this in, but decided to have Dudley be the one who showed Harry kindness in the end. She also said she almost wrote Dudley into the Epilogue with a magical child.

  • Jennifer Brangers

    I think I remember this scene but I think its BS. If she loved her sister at all, she would have treated her sisters son better than she did. Petunia lost her sister years before Voldemort killed her.

  • Taylor

    DUDLEY WITH A WIZARD/WITCH. Omg that would be priceless. The look on Vernon & Petunia's face - I can only imagine!

  • Dani Marcum

    I know!!! I really wish she had decided to write that in!!

  • Dani Marcum

    I watched my deleted scenes for DH part 1 and that scene is on there.

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Peeta is pretty darn fantastic

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