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Notables with yerba mate

Yerba mate does turn you into a superhero! Just ask Batman. (Thanks Jason Lindley!)

Moby and the Kucinichs sporting the Guayaki wreath.

This was very difficult to capture! For starters, he was very amped up, so outpacing him and getting this shot took a lot of skill. Kudos to our amazing photographers for their fine work.

  • Micah Boswell

    Amazing! I wonder if he orders in bulk online, or if he pillages from delivery trucks?

  • Guayaki Yerba Mate

    Yeah, it's been an issue. We've chased him out of a few of our vans. The thing is we'd be glad to share some with him if he just asked. He's super friendly! Just needs some mate etiquette.

  • Micah Boswell

    I can easily see this as being a visual manual of sorts. "Mate Etiquette for Despots, Legends, Heroes and those Otherwise Unfamiliar with the Aforementioned." One could refer to such as the official M.E.D.L.H.T.O.U.A.