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HSP-INFJ Comfort

Comfort'ness & how-true!s for highly sensitive people, introverts, and INFJ types. Social anxiety, regular anxiety, social awkwardness, perfectionism, solitude. Right brain, left brain. Sarcasm & cynicism with a happy core of inspiration & love. Compiled by a dedicated worrywart, list maker, and anal-retentive — er, um, detail-oriented — guarded optimist, vintage-soul Scorpio, part-time hermit, and full-time daydreamer. With a special place in my heart for INFP; my J sometimes crosses over.

Sorry, Leonard Cohen, I think it should actually be: “There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets out.”

butterflies in my stomach by porotto

butterflies in my stomach by porotto on deviantART