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HSP-INFJ Comfort

Comfort'ness & how-true!s for highly sensitive people, introverts, and INFJ types. Social anxiety, regular anxiety, social awkwardness, perfectionism, solitude. Right brain, left brain. Sarcasm & cynicism with a happy core of inspiration & love. Compiled by a dedicated worrywart, list maker, and anal-retentive — er, um, detail-oriented — guarded optimist, vintage-soul Scorpio, part-time hermit, and full-time daydreamer. With a special place in my heart for INFP; my J sometimes crosses over.

butterflies in my stomach | infj diseases

What Actually Is 'Butterflies In My Stomach' ?

Butterflies in my Stomach Area by BangElectrik

Butterflies in my Stomach Area by BangElectrik on deviantART

alone time... writing... nature... in my own world

this is not new

An INFJ's best compliment... Out of everyone on earth, you annoy me the least.

During a candlelit dinner on her birthday...

Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.

Monday Quote: What You Feel - Free People Blog

Holy moly, I seriously thought I was the only one in the entire universe who does this.

Macromeme: The Worst Website in the World

wresting inner demons vs hugging

It's rude to interrupt my anxiety attack with your positive thoughts.

my mind is on repeat again

Up For A While Picture by Delaney - Inspiring Photo

Stop thinking too much!

anxiety cat at the bus stop

Meme Watch: Anxiety Cat Is My Homeboy