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Evil Geocache Containers

Oh those evil things that make the OCD cacher crazy! Keep on the lookout for these containers as they may cause loss of sleep otherwise!

Found in mendota, il

plastic nano #geocache hidden in a piece of wood

Carl Bird @geocachingvimmes | Websta

Batcave: lift the tile... Simple but took us some time..

Try to move the teeth up, and grab de log. Can take a very long time...

Bird cache, get it down from the tree by losening a rope in another tree.

Awesome fake water pump #geocache. This would take more than a little work to create! Very convincing and professional looking. (pinned from websta by

3charleswatkins @3charleswatkins | Websta

Geocache Jackie-O in Ohio (GC2H1J2). Another good cache for Halloween!

wackydonut2 @wackydonut2 | Websta

A rock, a waterproof match container, and good glue and you have this tough-to-find hide.

#Geocaching Light Bulb Cache... seen them before in Vegas, but I like how they went to the trouble of hanging a carriage light to put the bulb in, and the fake switch to throw people off. Well done!

Let’s shed some light on this geocache!

Nest of baby gator hatchlings... YIKES! Looks like gators emerging from shells (which generally means RUN cause momma's not far away!

Fly Geocache Evil Sneaky Hide by TheRecycledGreenRose on Etsy, $5.00

Plain sight telephone... in the middle of the forest. Seems legit. LOL