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Evil Geocache Containers

Oh those evil things that make the OCD cacher crazy! Keep on the lookout for these containers as they may cause loss of sleep otherwise!

Plaster Mold – This cache in Edinburgh is a simple water bottle, but with a plaster mold around it to make it look like a rock.  It looks just like a rock, but when you pick it up it is very light.  The water bottle provides a waterproof container for putting cache goodies and the log in!  Very clever!

This geocache is very clever! It's a spigot and a brick "drawer" behind it.

#Geocaching Light Bulb Cache... seen them before in Vegas, but I like how they went to the trouble of hanging a carriage light to put the bulb in, and the fake switch to throw people off. Well done!

Let’s shed some light on this geocache!

A creative geocache container. Found in Germany, 2012. A cool idea for us Floridians!

Ooohhh...definitely evil. This is why mom won't go in the woods!

Nest of baby gator hatchlings... YIKES! Looks like gators emerging from shells (which generally means RUN cause momma's not far away!

Fake Parking Meter in Tallahassee

Fly Geocache Evil Sneaky Hide by TheRecycledGreenRose on Etsy, $5.00

Make a Fairy house to conceal a geocache...

how to make a fairy house | The Fairy Garden

Plain sight telephone... in the middle of the forest. Seems legit. LOL

Short Grass Micro Cache Geocache geocaching Container


Well this would keep you busy for a while!

101 Devil Caches: Ej Martin, Kurt Milligan: 9780615752679: Books

Bleck!! But cool at the same time! LOL Pre-chewed geo gum geocache

Pre-Chewed Geo Gum geocache

Found this one in Florida. It was resting against a the base of a tree and looked completely natural. The left shows it from the top, and the right is a look at the bottom. It is a bison tube inserted into a small hole drilled into the bark. Had the bison tube been black, it's doubtful that we would have found it as quickly as we did. It looked like there may have been some bark glued over the top of the bison tube as well, but with all the rain, it only lasted so long.