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Salted Caramel cupcakes.... chocolate cupcake filled with Brown Eyed Baker's salted caramel sauce, frosted with salted caramel swiss meringue and drizzled with caramel and ganache....

Awesome ice-cream recipe for a summer party. This would be over-the-moon fantastic with pieces of thickly shaved semi-sweet chocolate added to the mix.

Banana-Caramel Ice Cream

bride pull apart cupcake cake (we ran out of white cupcakes so we borrowed from the groom and hid them inside!!)

Groom pull apart cupcake cake!

  • Amanda McGowan

    Oh cool thank you. My sister has an engagement party coming up and has catering excpet the dessert saw these and thought it would be really cute and something I could actually pull off myself. Marzipan icing is not my friend

  • Pam Lawley

    I used Wilton's "buttercream" (re: Crisco) frosting because it holds a nice 'stiff' decoration, and then made simple roses (and filled in with swirls) with a 1M tip - like I learned from "Iambaker".... this is SUPER-simple, really!! We did the cupcake 'legs' and then drew the 'V' (with the same tip!) and piped in the tie, and then just filled in with roses! I don't know where you are, but we had a tough time finding a big enough board - we finally ended up with a really 'hefty' piece sold by the poster board supplies in Wal-mart. Good-luck, and congrats to your sister!!

  • Amanda McGowan

    Thanks! I'm probably going to have to go to the local hardware store and get a bit of mdf board and coat it in something. And I'll probably have to do a pink rose border to match her flowet theme and to cover the extra guests. Did you ice them then travel with them and did they travel well if so?

  • Amanda McGowan

    Oh and im from australia so unfortunately no walmart or crisco for me but I do know of a cupcake shop that sells a liquid that whips up in about ten minutes. But the only problem is my sister wants a black tuxedo I just hope getting a gel colouring instead of liquid will do the job

  • Pam Lawley

    black? yikes! I was glad we did silver/gray because black...!!! I feared everybody would have black teeth! but the gels DO do a great job - you'll just need a LOT! And I have a couple of friends 'down under' - one way very east, and one very west!! :-) but no Crisco!? Actually any kind of REAL buttercream will do - just make sure it's "dryer", or whatever liquid you have that whips up!! and we put a dab of frosting under each cupcake to hold it in place, and then the 'swirls' between them kind of glued them together also!! I put both boards (bride and groom) in the back of my SUV and they traveled perfectly for the 20 miles I had to go - no worries!!

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