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The entrance of the famous Shaneeshwara and Dharbaaranyeswara Temple at Thirunallar in Pondicherry, India. This is the place where king Nala was relieved of his afflictions caused by the malefic influence of Shani (Saturn), after worshiping Lord Shiva (Dharbaaranyeswara) here. Nallar = Nala+Aru, Aru means "to heal", so Thirunallar means the place where Nala was healed from the bad effects of Saturn. The Dharbaranyeswarar temple is one of the Saptha Vidangam (7 dance moves) temples of Lord Shiva

The 236 feet tall gopuram (temple tower) of the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam in Tamilnadu, India is one of the tallest in the world. One of the gopurams here is fully made of gold, and is protected by an electrical fence. The Temple complex spread over an area of 156 acres is the biggest functioning temple in the world. The temple at AngkorWat is bigger, but currently is a non-functioning one. In ancient times city of Srirangam lived completely inside the walls of this temple.

Pamban Bridge, a 2.3 km long cantilever railway bridge on the Palk Strait connecting Rameshwaram to mainland India. The snap is taken from the road bridge which runs parallel to the railway bridge. This bridge is located at the world's second highly corrosive environment, after Miami in US, and its location is also a cyclone-prone high wind velocity zone, making its construction and maintenance a challenging task.

The beautifully carved entrance tower of the Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjavur in Tamilnadu.

The 216 feet tall Gopuram (Temple Tower) of the Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjavur in Tamilnadu. This is one of the tallest temple towers in the world.

The petroleum crude oil refinery owned by Reliance Industries at Jamnagar in Gujarat, India is the world's largest refinery. With a refining capacity of 1.24 million barrels per day, this refinery processes the largest amount of crude in any single location in the world, making Jamnagar the ‘Refining Capital of the World'.

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    The entire refinery in spite of its complexity and scale was completed in mere 36 months from concept to commissioning! It was commissioned on 25 December 2008. This refinery enjoys its proximity to the Gulf of Kutch in the India's west coast which has world-class logistics and port facilities at Kandla. Reliance has its own jetty for the raw material input. This proximity to jetty provides freight advantages and logistic benefits, around 70% of the crude imported is transported on Very Large Crude Carriers.

The Salt Lake Stadium (Yuva Bharati Krirangan) in Kolkata, West Bengal, India is the second largest stadium in the world. Built in 1984, this stadium spread over an area of 76.4 acress has a capacity of 120,000 seats. It is primarily used for football matches and athletics.

The 320m tall Palais Royale Residential Apartments being constructed in Lower Parel, Mumbai is the tallest building in India. Its construction is expected to be completed this year, and in this June its height crossed the height of the earlier tallest towers in India - The Imperial Towers in Mumbai which are 254m tall.

The world's tallest cooling towers are being built at the Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant at Jhalawar in Rajasthan, India. The first tower was completed in June 2012. These 202m tall towers are taller than the cooling towers in Niederaussem, Germany which have now been pushed to the second place.

Bandra Ohm - The 30 storeyed 140 m tall residential tower coming up in Mumbai, India. Shaped like the Ohm (Ω) symbol, this amazing tower is designed by the world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International. Look at the swimming pools in every floor. The club house will be in the spherical structure in the central void of the structure.

The 140 ft tall world's tallest statue of Lord Subramanya located outside the Batu Caves near the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This statue is painted with 300 litres of Gold paint. Being one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan, this limestone hill has a series of caves and cave temples.

World's Oldest Dam still in use - The 1800 year old Grand Anaicut (also called Kallanai) built on the river Kaveri in 2nd Century by Karikalan Chola in Tamilnadu, India. The dam, also the oldest water-diversion structure splits the river Kaveri into 4 streams - Kollidam Aru, Kaviri, Vennaru and Puthu Aru. The dam doesn't have any Plaster or Cement holding it in place.

Pamban Bridge, the second longest sea bridge in India which connects Rameshwaram to the mainland India. is The bridge can be raised to let ships pass under the bridge. This bridge is located at the world's second highly corrosive environment, next to Miami, US. The location is also a cyclone-prone high wind velocity zone.

The Krzywy Domek (Crooked House) in Sopot, Poland.

The magnificent 70 story Twin Gateway Towers being built at GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tech City) in India. The third smaller tower is 45 storied.

The new National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) building in Hyderabad, India inaugurated last friday (on April 20, 2012)

Built across the Mahanadi River in Orissa, India, the 26km long Hirakud Dam is the longest man made dam in the world. The construction of this dam started in 1948 and got completed in 1953.

World's second tallest statue of Lord Shiva (123 feet) on the shores of Arabian Sea at Murudeshwar, Karnataka, India.

The Hanging Pillar at the Veerabhadra Temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is locally known as Akasha Sthambha (meaning the Sky Pillar). The mystery behind the architecture of this pillar is that it is suspended from the roof and is not touching the ground below. One can verify this by passing a cloth or a newspaper below its base!

Kangiten, Shoten , Daishokangiten , Ganabachi, Binayakaten - are the Japanese names of Lord Ganesha. In Japan Ganesha is the God of fortune who brings happiness and prosperity. There are around 250 temples of Ganesha in Japan. The above photo is a 歓喜天 (Kangiten) statue near the entrance of Fukuoka Tower in Japan.

Swimming in a Submerged City - A Swimming pool built in Mumbai, India quite some time back to spread awareness about global warming and its impacts.

Chand Baori is a 9th century Baori (step well for collecting rainwater) in Jaipur, India. It has some 3,500 steps that descend 13 stories deep.

Ruins of the Ancient Sun Temple (Marthanda Temple) in Kashmir, India. Erich von Daniken, author of the popular research book "The Chariots of the Gods" believes that this temple was a landing zone for extra terrestrials who visited earth in the ancient times. IMG:

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