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jesus like

What's with this meme of men who resemble jesus? is it some sort of "whoa, let's get down & dirty with the dude we're not meant to?"

Tim Rogers

Photos :: The Dwarf

it's a norweigian death metal dude. which one exactly, i'll have to do the research on...

what is it with knitting mags like Noro Magazine & these cute young bearded models, eh?

patrick petit jean - french model.

Patrick Petitjean - Fashion Model - Profile on New York Magazine

gerard butler - Mmmmm..... ! anyone know which movie? 300?

it IS jesus, but you need to be able to compare, right? A valentine from Jesus. Tis the season!

opie from sons of anarchy aka ryan hurst

Pictures & Photos of Ryan Hurst

nicola from secretenvelope has a whole posse of jesus like: "So I'm gonna pull a secret out of my envelope and reveal to you all that there is a large percentage of the female population who love men who look like Jesus. I think it begins with a fascination with Jim Morrison and listening to The Doors, then extends beyond RockStarJesus and moves into the realm of RealPeopleJesus."

  • Little Red Hen Studio

    If ya gonna have Devendra in there, ya prolly gonna hafta add Russell Brand...

  • kylie gusset

    ewwwww. see, with devendra, i reckon he could go some time on the cross and be all devout and fine about it. brand? he'd be all "hey...HEY! where's MY HOOKERS AND COCAINE?????"

model from the rowan yarns "dalesmen" catalog:

local melbs photographer kane hibberd with dave foofighters grohl in the background, also rather jesus like.

warren ellis from band the dirty three