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To make the milk cubes, combine milk and a few drops of red food coloring together in a small bowl. Fill an ice cube tray, my heart one is from Ikea and freeze overnight. So easy, right!?!

I Love You - 24 Cute and Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Water Color Paint Set Is 1 Piece (20 cents ea) alternative to Valentines candy or girls bd party favor?

Strawberry Hearts ~ How To covered strawberries with chocolate ~ use tooth pick ~ cute idea for Valentine's Day

This Valentine Cootie Cleaner idea is the perfect non-candy Valentine for you to give your kids, or for them to give to their friends! And these labels are FREE!

Check out these Cute Valentines Sayings! Make your own cards or notes on all sorts of things around your house for Valentine's Day! Orange you great Valentine! (goes on an orange) You're a great catch Valentine! (goes on Goldfish), Lets stick together Valentine! (goes on pretzel sticks) I'm popped over you Valentine! (goes on popcorn bag) and more.....

I am BANANAS about you, Valentine! Quick and easy banana pudding Valentines! Printable tags, too!

An easy, show-stopping wreath that anyone can make for almost free! Even you!

How sweet! Make this fun heart napkin fold for your Valentine's Day table! See how to make this and 20 plus unique Napkin folds for everyday and holidays!

How to Make Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops

DIY fabric strip wreath - could redo different colors for different holidays or events