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Rodriguez-cano Gloria

Rodriguez-cano Gloria

Words to live by! May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave. On the shoulder?

I love this classroom rug

I met my "real" man and my life would never be the same if he wasn't in it!

  • Begonia Huerta

    Haha this is perfect @apaolarias

  • Ana Arias

    Totally what we were on a few hours ago haha. ps I did NOT write the comment above 12 weeks ago lol

Pinterest Pin of the Week: Snowman Snowball Game - pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

medicine ball tabata workout. Looks fairly easy until you actually do it...

This Is What Happens When You Piss Off Your Mother-In-Law

  • Lea-Ann Martin

    makes me want to buy a "mother in law's tongue" plant and kill it for pleasure!

  • Doreen Bradley

    Now that's funny

  • Valentina

    so sadly true way to many times

  • Yvonna If you have any common decency, you respect your children's decisions and don't make a fool of yourself by public lambasting the person they say they love and have decided to spend their life with. My opinion: Get married and don't let the mother within a hundred yards of the couple again.

  • Anita Roby

    I do find it funny. I doubt anyone has the huspa to do it. Obviously someone wanted to, that's why it ended up on Pinterest.

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