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Just started working on a story in which masks play a large part. I will be obsessed with masks of all types for a while!

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Hannya Demon Mask Origin: Japan, Circa: early 20th Century H 9.25 in.(23.5cm), W 6.75 in.(18cm), D 3 in.(7.5cm)

Antique Japanese Cast Iron Hannya Demon Mask

Tsogho (also known as Mitsogho or Tsogbo), Vili, Gabon: An unusual mask.

Dorotheum - List Lots Detail

papua new guinea masks | Malagan pig mask - Papua New Guinea.

Wearing a Dancers Mask - Papua New Guinea

Gold funerary mask Quimbaya, AD 600-1100 From Colombia An on-line gallery for mask collectors and folk art lovers featuring tribal masks from Africa, India, the Himalayas, Asia, China, Korea, Java, Bali, New Guinea, Northwest Coast America, Mexico, Guatemala, the Caribbean, and Native America.

Masks from Around the World |

Africa | Helmet mask "agbogho mmwo" from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Wood and paint || Representing the "spirit of a young maiden" - "agbogho mmwo". Belonging to the men's "mmwo" society. Such masks were worn by young men on harvest festivities and at the annual ceremonies in honour of the earth spirit "ane". The dancers wore coloured tight costumes with false breasts.

Zemanek-Münster: 65th tribal art auction

Stone Age Masks Credit: Elie Posner | Israel Museum A 2014 exhibition at the Israel Museum brings together a collection of Stone Age masks from the region.

Photos: The World's Oldest Masks

African spirit mask

Steampunk Masque

Green Mask

Red Tragic Mardi Gras Masquerade Mask - Eyes Wide Shut Mask - Goth Mask

The oldest mask known in the world. 7000 BCE

Mask - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Archaic Period, 600s bce. Phoenician ritual theater. One major category of masks represented old women, with swirling wrinkled patterns and, on this one, some missing teeth.

Bob Basset’s masks

Dan Mask | The Dan group is a tribe of the Dan-Nguere. They live in west Liberia, Guinea Conakry and west Ivory Coast. The social and spiritual base of the Dan-Nguere is the secret society Poro, that means "sierra". | Female Dan masks are known by the importance given to the face: egg-shaped, oval forehead, long and narrow eyes, thin nose and half-opened mouth, whereas the male mask are more unrealistic and sometimes include animal features

The masks of Vincent Cantillon

Cedar mask from Cahokia. AD 1400.

Tchokwe African Mask - If you pay attention to the elements used in the Star Wars series, you will see elements of cultures from all over the world. This mask had to be inspiration for C3PO.

Valkyrie leather mask