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Pins I've Done, Used, or Made

The few things I actually do that I've pinned, or re-pinned actually! Some were fun & crafty, some are just awesome, and some did not work out as planned!

homemade whipped coconut oil body butter recipe I love that this recipe only requires one (yes, one!) ingredient. Anything else is completely optional. It also only takes a few measly minutes, and you'll have enough whipped body butter to last at least a month or two. In fact, if you get carried away, put some in an attractive jar and it makes a great gift! It feels sinfully luxurious as a moisturizer! Made several of these for gifts & for myself!

Top 15 Coconut Oil Skin Recipes - The Nourished Life

Made these for stocking stuffers :)

Homemade Kiss Gloss | Cheeky Kitchen

a make your own fort kit gift idea ~ from meg + andy - made one for a friend's little boy

meg + andy: "super hero' Fort Kit

Stocking Stuffer for Him The Original Redneck by RedneckSpiceRack, $13.99 - Gave this to FIL last year!

Dope on a Rope Soap BLACK FRIDAY Specials by DopeOnARopeSoap, $4.99 - bought these for stocking stuffers last year.

Dustpan cookies, gave these to my best friend last year :)

Make fresh homemade Crockpot Tomato Sauce with your bounty of garden fresh tomatoes. For the freezer! I made this yesterday and it was great!

Crockpot Tomato Sauce - Slow Cooker Sunday - Todays Creative Blog

NO-Sew How To Make Shoes Like Toms ® For your American Girl Doll - YouTube tutorial video by Cinnamon of Liberty Jane Clothing

The outfit I just made in about 10 minutes using 2 old socks, using as a guide the Pin next to this one. Loved how easy & quick it is to do!

DIY American Girl Doll clothes and accessories. Make a dress, hat, headband, belt and eye sleep mask from 1 knee sock for american girl doll or other similar size dolls. So easy 5 minutes no sew and cute! Use socks that lost their match or this pair was from $1 store. - Just did this one for my daughter, wasn't in the mood to sew. Worked GREAT!

Cute idea - I did something similar, except no 'Family' sign. Above the kids' pictures are more pictures. I have a bench underneath also.

DIY Laundry Fabric Softener Crystals. The ice cream salt imo, doesn't work as well as sea salt.

DIY Laundry Fabric Softener Crystals - PinTriedIt

Feed Sack Bag Tutorial to get square bottom bag - this is a wonderful tutorial! I don't have chicken feed bags yet, but I used dog food & cat food bags. (Wash the inside with some Dawn to get the smell off the inside of the bag first.)

LuAnn Kessi: Feed Sack Tote Bag.....Tutorial

Have the SOFTEST Laundry Ever By Adding Homemade Softener Crystals to Your Wash - Tried this today, it smells wonderful and leaves clothes soft even with line-drying! Very pleased!

Make Your Own “No. 2 Spray” For The Bathroom! (Extra Strength Version) - Made my version of this, works well if people remember to use it!

Rose Petal Jam recipe....not only is it fragrant & delicious, but it's known to calm the nerves, combat fatigue, soothe inflammation, & help alleviate headaches! Must try.

Luckybeans: Making Rose Petal Jelly

Homemade suet cake. First time I've made one. Once the one in the feeder is gone we'll see if they enjoy it.

I had a feather boa I had for a class, & a grapevine wreath from Wal Mart. Just wrapped the boa around the wreath & attached it in back with a bread tie, (the boa has a loop on each end. Made a quick bow with some leftover material strips & attached it the same way. Wished I had a gorgeous floral bow, but I'm thrifty, lol!

How to Make a Wreath for Easter - Made one similar to this by wrapping a feather boa around a grapevine wreath. I attached the boa to the back with bread ties! I already had everything, so it was quick, frugal, & I can take it apart and use it for something else :)

flatten a banana peel and bury it under one inch of soil at the base of a rosebush. The peel’s potassium feeds the plant and helps it resist disease. Consider it a nutritional boost for you and your buds. My daughter loves to put her peels under the roses!

Pine cones as mulch - we have a yard full, and they're free! *Started using these in spring, and they work very well! They break down slowly, so I've simply gathered more & added to the pile. Love this!