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"These are the few of my favorite shows"

To The Beautiful You (2012) I predict that from 9th episode onward, the series will be pretty much of a cliched K-drama: getting boring and tiresome.

To The Beautiful You (2012) I'm not quite sure why EXO members and some random dudes are in the poster shoots. Probably some marketing strategies from SM to promote them. But anyway, the series is quite enjoyable. The best part is Lee Huyn Woo. The second best part are the Doctor, Seung Ri sunbae, and the rival. Sulli does her parts well. Minho is improving. At first I don't want to pick it up, cause I don' really have a thing for SM haha

Mike, Lu & Og. Oh man! It looked so Nickelodeon but it was actually Cartoon Network #_#

I am Weasel's I.R. Baboon. is one of the most retarded character ever! And he's just too hilarious!

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Mandy is such a bad freakin ass! :)))) Without a nose :P

Courage The Cowardly Dog. Still remember how scared I was back in the early days of secondary school watching Courage screaming at his evil opponents haha.

Foster Home for Imaginary Friends - Yeyyyyyy.... Blooooooo ♥