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Love this!

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So here's the thing. I've been through so tough stuff but here I am, still making it through. I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I know there are people who care about me and I'm gonna lean on them when things are tough and I'm just going to trust in God because he has a plan for me.

Inspiring Quotes From The Bible | Quotes | Bible Verses/Inspirational Quotes - not really a "parent" per say but I do have many babies that I pray for daily

Quotes About Happiness And Life Friendship Happiness Quotes

A Statement : Quotes | Positive Outlooks Blog *for the next time my fat, rude coworker sticks her 'talk to the hand' hand in my face* haha! Staying +!

Life has many ways of testing a persons will. Either by having nothing happen, or by everything happen all at once. ~Paulo Coelho

the poem we used for my dad's funeral

This was one of the poems the funeral director put in front of me as we quickly tried to arrange mom's funeral last summer. My eyes were too swollen to read anything properally. They have a big book of them...for some reason it's important to them that you put a poem in the funeral hand-out. I didn't pick it. I chose a cheesy, simple, sweet one, with God in it. That was more my mom.

This literally brought tears to my eyes! I used to have the book that this expert came from and I read it over and over. I have been so sad that I lost this book and seeing this today was just what I needed #godisgood

Damn right!! Same goes for my kindness!! Some ppl are fucking coward who can't express they're REAL emotions without fear of embarrassment and "disappear to get away from ppl who care about them!

Avoid the people that are problems or bring problems. They are the ring leaders...they usually bitch the loudest about the drama (they create)

Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it.

Missing My step- dad david...... a whole lot!! Tuesday the 14th will be 6 monthz but I swear it feels like yesterday :-(.