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I spent most of yesterday laughing at this.

write a message and it'll toast it into your sandwich.

desktop picture

nice t-shirt bruh.

Lol, that would suck. But be awesome.

that's awesome!

freezer, you need to chill out.

best fathers day ad ever.

best tshirt evah.

Chandler Bing, my love.

anyone wanna come swimming at my house? babes in the pool.

choose your weapon.

except we don't have dollar bills, so.

not all of them, but sometimes relevant.

chris brown, hate to break it to ya.

notebook - pizza edition. relevant to my life.

kim = retarded. and yet.. she is richer than i will ever be. sigh.

it's true, can't deny.

my milkshake.

ruining movies from my childhood, but i still laughed.