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So I absolutely need this shirt!!! if some one got this for me I would love them forever!!

Dog Raised By Cats

  • Madison Piegdon

    This leads to me saying things I usually don’t mean like that a dog’s love is cheap. After cuddling with my dog I realized my mistake and I wanted to apologize.

  • Madison Piegdon

    Although I do want to say that when Jennifer said ‘Cats are worthless’ it got me REALLY riled up because I do not feel that even spiders –a creature that I fear— are worthless. A point that would have made clear if my head wasn’t clouded up with anger. I already have an issue with describing things at times while being neutral emotionally.

  • Madison Piegdon

    So I’m really sorry if I offended anyone, I really am. I let my emotions control me and what I did and it’s not right.

  • Margaret Jane

    My husky is like this... @Michaela Frederick

  • Jade Martin

    I have a great pyranese who was raised with cats and does ALL of these things. He thinks he is the size of a cat.

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