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Repurpose headboard bench I have an old bed to use but I don't know if I could pull the trigger and drill into it

Cool bench. Could use old iron headboard and a coffee table.

Laughing at the Days to Come: old dresser repurposed into a kitchen island/eating bar

"A little nook office made from found junk including (1) an old crib mattress spring as a pin-up office organizer (2) old cheese graters and cans to corral pencils and art supplies (3) a discarded, rickety table repurposed as a wall-mounted mini desk" -another thing i would love to do...

From vintage tailgates to benches in metals furniture with tailgate reclaimed wood car parts Bench

40 Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas

Life Hacks : theBERRY

Two old chairs facing each other with new wood made into a Bench

lantern filled with a strand of lights. I'd use twinkle lights - it looks like fire flies!

Cover a toilet paper tube in peanut butter and roll in bird seed. Then just slide it on a branch. Fun craft for kids!

What a very special and cool idea! I would love to have one of my mom's or grandmothers' watches and do this! Gorgeous!!!

mason jar floating candles

Umbrella frame without the cloth, spray painted white, then draped with a long line of little white christmas lights, and hung out on the porch, charming!this!

$8 Goodwill coffee table turned into this adorable bench! So easy & so smart! Great idea with simple how to instructions.

@ Ginni Poole....what a cute little owl made from kitchen supplies. Also CDs help keep away hawks, so it protects your little doggies too!

Easter Wreath....I can use all my left over tulle rolls from the Halloween princess skirt!