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5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones-stop the hormonal roler coaster with herbs ♡♥

Ripe For the Picking: 9 Healthy Blueberry Recipes: Full of protein and antioxidants, this recipe for a banana-blueberry protein shake is a great way to cool down after a workout!

54 Healthy Smoothie Recipes. These look fabulous I want to try every one!

Fantastic list of fruits and their various health benefits.

Quinoa with Vegetables and Herbs Whether you serve this as a side dish or on its own for a light meal, quinoa is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians (and meat eaters!)

Coconut Oil is a great all in one healthy oil! Its an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and improves nutrient absorption as well! It can be used for cooking, as a lip balm, moisturizer, shaving cream, deep treatment conditioner, makeup remover,body scrub (mixed with sugar makes a great exfolliant),bug bites, athletes foot and canker sores. Its also been proven to boost metabolism and aid in digestion. It is also said to aid the memory with Alzheimer patients.

400-Calorie Breakfasts - 10 morning meals that will keep you full

a cupcake for every day of the month!

Homemade #Starbucks Grande Light Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino Calories:  45.6,  Fat:  2.6,  Sodium:  8,9,  Potassium:  35.6,  Carbs:  3.9,  Fiber:  1.2,  Sugar:  2.2,  Protein:  1.1

"martha stewart's perfect macaroni and cheese~no joke, this is the best macaroni on earth!"