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8 Things You Need For Camping That You Might Forget : such as this diy paper towel holder made out a plastic crate with a rod through the middle... keeps paper towels from blowing away or falling on the ground!

Primitive Fire Building Forms

Primitive Fire Starters

The New Pro Tool Mag-Na-Fire Magnesium Fire Starter was designed for the U.S. Military this magnesium fire-starting tool is capable of successfully starting thousands of fires, without the use of matches or lighters. Even works when wet! This is a quick way to get fine wood shavings for firestarting. Use a plastic bag to catch the shavings if it is raining. Interesting idea for tinder. Visit us to learn more...

Going to the shore for the long weekend? Build a beach grill from rocks and sand!

How to Make a Tent From a Tarp; we did this using trees, over a picnic table, last weekend when it poured all weekend and it saved our camping trip!

Slice up zucchini in thin slices and toss with seasoned salt and lemon pepper. Wrap up tightly in foil, rolling ends to completely seal pocket. Place directly on coals for 7 to 9 minutes.

How to anchor a tablecloth - another clever Martha Stewart trick :) - Camping Ideas

Eggs on the Grill... great for camping -- Add bacon bits, onion, green pepper, ham, cheese. Try lining the cup with a slice of ham lunch meat & drop the egg in. PH-Hint: if grease is an issue, use cupcake cups, parchment, waxed paper, or even paper bags to line the baking cups. Use the paper afterward to help start a campfire-- -- -- A Big However -- Don't save them if bears are around. New Note: the 6 cups size works great in a toaster oven.-PH

Now this is how you set a tent up. With a campsite like this all of your camping equipment will be the best.

Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas - Page 15 of 4 - DIY & Crafts

10 Great recipes for campfire cooking! Celebrate National Camping Month! #recipes -I'm more of a "Hey, let's open another bag of jerky!" camper, but on extended trips (and with kids) you HAVE to do some cooking :-)

Treat Deep Wounds in the Backcountry | Backpacker Magazine - Another good reason I keep a roll of duct tape in my pack!!

I keep my sleeping back in a sea-worthy dry sack so I absolutely know my sleeping bag stays dry until I'm ready to roll it out and go to bed. Otherwise, spending the night in a web bag in the winter is just plain miserable.

5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at All Times

How to Make a Lantern From a Peanut Butter Jar

Complete Universal Surgical Kit $25.99