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watermelon bourbon fizz 4 cups diced watermelon 10 ounces bourbon 1/2 cup lime juice 1 1/4 cups lime flavored seltzer

Creamy Chicken and Herb Skillet Recipe ~ 15 minute chicken dinner recipe!

BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE SWIRLY BREAD .... oh my! Serious soft, sticky, creamy yummy! Happy baking!

Taco Bites...did these for a party once, good finger food, pretty tasty.

Homemade strawberry lemonade, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. No processed sugar!

Cresent Breakfast Ring - made with crescent rolls, bacon, egg, and cheese. UPDATE Easy and good. Rated high by taste testers;) Must make for breakfast!

Cucumber, spinach, apple, lemon juice, strawberries. Prev pinner said made them loose weight, gave them more energy and cleared up their skin. Drink one every morning!!! @Sam Taylor Binkley

Creamy Seafood Alfredo - don't be afraid to substitute and/or mix seafood together. Be daring, different fish combos blend well, and compliment one another. **fresh seafood is what I use as it is very plentiful, and always best to use if possible for better results**