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Smores wedding favor- pinned one already, but I couldn't find it in all pins :) cheers to a s'mores bar at our wedding and making s'mores for each other in lieu of cake! Solo, wanted to do this!!

DIY Halloween Lanterns! Easy peasy & cheap Halloween decorations on the blog today :)

4 cups powdered sugar 2 tablespoons meringue powder 6 tablespoons water Mix all ingredients on low speed for 7-10 minutes or until the icing loses its shine. Add more water by the teaspoon if it appears too stiff. At this stage you want to be able to pipe it easily:

Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Stick Spiderwebs Instead of raisins I would do chocolate chips!!!


12 DIY Halloween ideas -- the mummified pumpkin is a cute idea for quick and non-messy decoration

Use picture frames from the dollar store, with orange and white wrapping paper and coordinated ribbon, you can swap out wrap & ribbon for different holidays! Cheap & cute! ;)

i absloutly adore halloween, its this one day when youre allowed to be anything you want and people cant judge you sometimes they still do and theres pressure to have a good costume but the beauty is its for one day so if you dont like urself that day you can be a brand new person the next day! its exciting to have options

This would work great with the vegan caramel sauce I just pinned. It's on my Vegan dips and sauces board. Can't wait to try it! I could also totally see myself filling these with a vegan chocolate/caramel mix!

You know you have white Christmas lights, time to get them out early! All you need is a black market, a milk jug, and those lights to make this spooky #halloween decorations!

Need to buy on clearance this Halloween for next years table designs! Who cares if they are stale by then?!?!

Halloween treats. I LOVE this--not that usual junk food you see for this holiday, but still fun. I would probably use natural carob or raw cocao for the ghost faces :)

Halloween shots - jello or kool-ade filled syringes (anything red liquid or semi-liquid). Would be awesome with alcohol for an even more authentic "shot" for an adult halloween party!

Tootsie Pops dressed up as ghosts for Halloween - fun to make with the kids & then handout to friends #halloween