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Doing this.

When buying fruit and veggies, always soak them in a 1:4 ratio of vinegar and water to help remove toxins and pesticides. Leave them soaking for up to an hour, longer with nonorganic apples. At the end of the bath, sometimes you can even see cloudy like stuff in the water from the skins and waxes, and dirt on the bottom. Works awesome! Once I did this to blackberries and they were good for 3 WEEKS! That's unheard of with berries & water. The vinegar is KEY :)

Put $1 in a jar every time you complete a workout. When you reach a certain goal, say $100, treat yourself to a massage or a new pair of jeans. Great motivation!!! Good idea!!!

hacking the blueprint cleanse - copycat recipes for their juice blends

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Medicine Ball Interval Workout- 6 moves, 50 seconds each--> x 5

This is very helpful! The stickers on fruit actually tell you quite a bit about the produce you’re about to purchase: 4 numbers mean they were conventionally grown, 5 numbers starting with number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO) 5 numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown (no pesticides or nasty GMOs) Interesting!!

For cleansing your body... 7 days = lose about 10 pounds.

A recipe for Homemade Itch Relief all-natural, herbal antihistamine!

so creative!

Ranch powder mixed with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Tastes exactly like ranch without any of that fat and large amounts of calories and Greek yogurt is so good for you. Perfect for getting people to eat vegetables without compromising the healthiness. So excited. Plain yogurt works great on a baked potatoe instead of sour cream.

her leg workout. carrie underwood's legs are fantastic.

Without a doubt, one of the best things I ever did for my skin was to start making my own scrubs. The stuff at the store is chock full of stuff that's bad for your skin - all sorts of chemicals and alcohol. Yuck. Do your skin a favor... Go out and buy a mason jar. Add coarse sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, and if you can find it - jojoba oil. Use daily. Love your skin again. I add the olive oil and jojoba oil first to the salt and then add as much almond oil as I need to make it smell great. When you get out of the shower, your skin will be smooth, silky and you shouldn't need lotion. In the summer, you can add a little coconut oil for a tropical smell! ~ Constance :)

good idea

100 Healthy Snack Ideas

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12 weeks

Simple guide to health

good motivator

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