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At Home With Wedgwood: the art of the table. By Tricia Foley. Potter Style, 2009. 192 p. EA.

At Home with Wedgwood | Tricia Foley | Bibliophile | Pinterest

Muslin. By Sonia Ashmore. Victoria and Albert Museum, Nov. 2012. 160 p. EA.

Papermaking and the Art of Watercolor in 18th century Britain: Paul Sandby and the Whatman Paper Mill. By Theresa Fairbanks Harris and Scott Wilcox. With essays and contributions by Stephen Daniels, Michael Fuller, and Maureen Green. Yale Center for British Art and Yale University Press, 2006. 192 p. This book provides background information on the papermaking industry during Jane Austen's time. The Turkey Paper Mill founded by the Whatman family was the largest paper mill in the country. EA.

Jane Austen's Families. By June Sturrock. Anthem Press, Nov. 2014. 160 p. EA.

Jane Austen's Families

Georgette Heyer's Regency World. By Jennifer Kloester. Sourcebooks, 2010. 381 p. EA.

Georgette Heyer's Regency World

Dining with the Georgians: a Delicious British History. By Emma Kay. Amberley, Oct. 19, 2014. 256 p. EA.

Dining with the Georgians

Jane Austen's Journeys. By Hazel Jones. Robert Hale, Feb. 1, 2015. 208 p. EA.

Jane Austen's Journeys

Pride and Prejudice Bench, part of a public art installation in London. Wonderful! -RC

Books About Town Benches – Flavorwire

The Georgian Town House. By Pat Dargan. Amberley, Jan. 2014. 160 p. EA.

The Georgian Town House

Jane Austen's Worthing: The Real Sanditon. By Antony Edmonds. Amberley, Oct. 2013. 128 p. EA.

Jane Austen's Worthing: The Real Sandition

Life in an Eighteenth Century Country House: Letters from the Grove. By Peter and Carolyn Hammond. Amberley, Jan. 2013. 158 p. The book is about Grove House in Chiswick. EA.

Jane Austen Cover to Cover. By Margaret C. Sullivan. Quirk Books, November 2014. 208 p. EA.

So Odd a Mixture: Along the Autistic Spectrum in 'Pride and Prejudice'. By Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer. Jessica Kingsley Pub., 2007. 207 p. EA.

So Odd a Mixture

"Tea caddy, 1780-1800, Wood with painted decoration and metal handle. Given by Thomas Sutton, Esq." I imagine, such a tea caddy could have been used by Jane Austen. EA.

Tea caddy | V&A Search the Collections

West Dean Student Uncovers Rare Jane Austen Text. By Ruari Barratt. The Argus, June 2, 2014. EA.

Rare Jane Austen text discovered

Quotable Austen. By Max Morris. Summersdale Publishers, June 2, 2014. 160 p. EA.

Box of ivory letters owned by Jane Austen. These were used for word games. British Library collection. EA.

Box of ivory letters owned by Jane Austen - The British Library

Needle Case made by Jane Austen. This item is among several original collection items the British Library has recently digitized and made available online. EA.

Needle case made by Jane Austen - The British Library

Emma. Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence. With Kate Beckinsale. Originally released in 1996. Acorn Media, June 17, 2014. DVD. 1 hour 51 minutes. EA.

The man who proposed to Jane Austen and was turned down. Portrait of Harris Bigg-Wither (1781-1833) from

Jane Austen's Letters. By Deidre Le Faye. 4th edition. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2014. 688 p. paperback edition. EA.

Walks Through Regency London. By Louise Allen. Kindle ebook. 79 p. Sold via Amazon Digital Services. EA.