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Best quote of the day

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Activist Post: The Number Of Volcanic Eruptions Is Increasing And That Could Lead To An Extremely Cold Winter #news

September 2014 - FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone prepared Thursday, September 18, for an unprecedented 3-day nationwide lockdown to contain the deadly spread of the Ebola virus in a controver...

HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #23 : Scotland & a New Political Paradigm

Mars in Sagittarius – The Ultimate Truth

Drake quotes #Quotes Top 25 best Drake Quotes

Woman With Muscular Dystrophy Asks Care2 For Help

Revolutionary Doctor Prescribes Vegan! Transforming Health Care!

so encorage and true those people that talk behind your back are just jealous of what you capable of never listen to what they say they just want to pull you down.

Noon Pacific time the Cancer Moon creates a Grand Trine with Chiron and Ceres. Emotions and sensitivity (especially that keyed to hurt) run high; issues of authority or territory may drive tension ...

Life is about creating yourself | Quotes and Sayings

I have a confession to make: this fruit butter sat on my stove, in the Staub, for three days before I managed to cook it fully down and get it into jars. My friend Tanya had pointed me to a recent ...

Emotional matters may take up the first portion of your Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Virgo; specifically, you may spend a lot of time sorting through feelings and, using feelings...