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Behind the scenes of The Wedding of River Song.

Dr. Who paradox…<--- Here's another question: Why can't the angels be smashed? Stone can't be killed, but it can be smashed with, like, a ridiculously huge hammer or some major adrenaline.

I didn't know that I needed to see the Doctor Who cast and crew performing '500 Miles' but it turns out I totally did.


This explains so much.

4th Doctor Tributeby ~RYCloud92

"Rose was so shocked the first time she saw ten because she could’ve sworn she saw that face before" .... My heart. It's now sad.

Last minutes of 10... Of all the places he could go, he needed to see his Rose.

I never noticed this!! Gonna have to go back and rewatch! In the last episode of the first series Rose tells the Doctor that she met a man last New Years and he told her she was gonna "have a really great year" which as we know it what ten said to her before he regenerated!

Sarah Jane and The Doctor. :)