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Crafting a wooden bucket from scratch.DiResta: Wooden Bucket

Challenging negative self talk.....such an important part of dealing well with depression.

Appreciated more. It doesn't cost much - in fact, its often free!

Changing the Emotional Association of Memories - - By manipulating neural circuits in the brain of mice, scientists have altered the emotional associations of specific memories. The image depicts the injection sites and the expression of the viral constructs in the two areas of the brain studied (dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and basolateral amygdala). Credit Redondo et al./HHMI. #science #neuroscience

Changing the Emotional Association of Memories

3D printed multi-material brain model lets students practice brain surgery.

Erasing Traumatic Memories - - “In our study, we found that xenon gas has the capability of reducing memories of traumatic events,” said Edward G. Meloni, an assistant psychologist at McLean. Xenon gas is currently used in humans for anesthesia and diagnostic imaging. Credit McLean Hospital. #neuroscience #science #memory #psychology

Erasing Traumatic Memories

Wiley Online Library: Open Access

Wiley Online Library


Tammy Hughes Photography | Modesto Wedding Photographer

Aspen and Maple by David C. Schultz, via 500px -

Aspen and Maple

"Riverstone Tables" By Andy Needles Local beach stones and local claro black walnut and black acacia slabs

riverstone tables for a local gallery

BACON CHEESEBURGER BOMBS | simple cooking, recipe

BACON CHEESEBURGER BOMBS | simple cooking, recipe

Garlic Cheese Bombs Recipe ~ These incredible ooey gooey little packages are beyond amazing!

Garlic Cheese Bombs - Spend With Pennies

Craft beer labels for home brews -- I like the handing from the neck idea -- people can reuse the bottle and we don't have to worry about bleeding ink on sticky labels.

cheese pairings

Cheese Pairings

Eggplant with California Figs Leeks. Beautiful, healthy delicious.

Eggplant with California Figs & Leek

How to: Make "Swedish Coffee" Over a Campfire without a Coffee Pot

How to Get the Job You Want #infographic

How to Get the Job You Want [INFOGRAPHIC]

Description and Rules

Description and Rules


diy project: kubb — the swedish lawn game | Design*Sponge

Game of Throws: Two Teams Aim for the U.S. National Kubb Championship. In 2013, all eyes were on the two former national champions as they p...

Kubb Rules!. How to play the wonderful game of kubb.

U.S. National Kubb Championship Rules and Dimensions