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For the BOYS!

Activities, art, crafts, and even products, the BOYS will definitely go for. Not your general crafts and such, but BOY ones. You know, dinosaurs, trucks, pirates and all those things boys are driven to.

LEGO Suprise Box -- a fun way to inspire your child's creativity with Lego building!

Dinosaur Dessert! Ice Cream Dinosaur Excavation made with healthy banana ice cream! Perfect for Dinosaur lovers or a dinosaur birthday party! Come see how on Lalymom

Build a Nerf dart shooter - Wow, this thing gets some major distance! PVC pipe, balloon, duct tape.

10 Sensory Play Ideas in the Pool | Divided by Sensory Systems GREAT SUMMER SENSORY FUN!

DIY Removable Non-Permanent Lego Wall from Lalymom. Great for any Duplo or Lego Lover.

practical ways we can support our children through this new school term whether your child is going to school, homeschooled or toddler on down. We all need to get prepped for the upcoming season

Icy Engine: Cool Summer Train Ice Play @ Play Trains! Activities for ice frozen in the shape of an engine and freight cars.

Dinosaurs in Sticky Mud! A fun combination of sensory and small world play - sticky mud is super easy to clean up and SO much fun to play with! From Fun at Home with Kids

Water beads goo - a new sensory play idea with water beads

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Dump Truck Name Spelling Game

20 Must Try Summer Science Activities for Kids | Weather, Physics, Chemistry, and so much more! Perfect for summer camp or summer boredom busters

Use everyday items around the home to make this active reading and word maze