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NICU Nurse Appreciation Day

We love our nurses! September 15th is Neonatal Nurse's Day. Join us in celebrating the professionals who care for our precious children. They celebrate with us on the best days and comfort us through the worst. They are our advocates and friends. We are so grateful to have them!

One mom bought wonder woman ornaments for her nurses with the following to thank her daughter's NICU nurses

A Great Gift - "I am... Advocate of the adorable. Pacifier of the preemie. Bundler of the baby. Healer of the helpless."

Free Neonatal Nurse Appreciation Day printable that you can use all year long! The card features a "super hero" baby with the words: Thank you for helping me soar.

Life After NICU: Free Printable :: NICU Nurses Day Thank You Cards

Our NICU Nurses, Our Teachers By Melissa Haber - "Primary nurses are, in a way, surrogates for parents. They get to know and love the baby during those long 12-hour shifts.  A good primary nurse is not only an advocate for your baby, but she will also empower you to be an advocate."

  • Liz Burke

    I can't agree with this enough. My son's primary nurses were the only thing that allowed me to sleep at night for four long months.

{Professional Insight} Fostering a Positive Parent-Patient-NICU Nurse Relationship by Lisa Davenport RN, MSN. For more like this visit www.preemiebabies...

You need mad cupcake skills to do this!

Happy Neonatal Nurse Day by Samantha Pridgen - "Roxy was in the NICU and Level II nurseries for 67 days.  We saw several nurses during those 67 days.   There were some that we loved and others that automatically made my eyes roll.  Some in between were just there. In the midst of all those, there was one who really made a difference to us... Nurse Sherry."

The Touch of a NICU Nurse by Babs Haller - "There was something extremely special about Linda that I know you’ll agree about most NICU nurses. This is not their job. This is their calling in life." - For more like this visit www.preemiebabies...

Paper fortune cookies - A sweet and creative way to show your love. You can customize your messages for your favorite NICU nurses!

The Profound Impact of NICU Nurses by Joel Brens - "I think I speak for a lot of parents of NICU/preemie babies when I say that the moment you are thrust into uncharted territory, it’s hard to know where to turn. While we knew that there was a possibility our son was coming early, when the time came I had no clue who to turn to..." And then they met Nurse Carol. For more like this visit www.preemiebabies...

On September 15, NANN celebrates National Neonatal Nurses Day! In an effort to promote the achievements of dedicated neonatal nurses, NANN asks you to change your profile picture to "Keep Calm I'm a Neonatal Nurse," the week of September 10. NANN continues to support neonatal nurses each and every day.