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Orchid Designs using Hangapot... The favorite hanger of orchid lovers!

Orchid designing is possible on walls, fences, trees, lattice, wrought iron...any vertical surface. Even inside! Need more space? Go vertical with the hangapot plant hanger. Orchids growing is easier when your orchids are suspended as they get good air movement... hangapot hangers will securely hang clay pots 4" to 10" pots and attach to any surface....they are unbreakable, install in seconds, last a lifetime, they are an easy way to turn a dull space into a living wall...Made in USA!

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid

Orchidaceae - awesomely interesting facts, images & videos

orchids hanging on a section of white picket fence

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How to Care for Orchids at Home

How to Care for Orchids at Home | Relax Home Decor

Parrot perched on orchid pole in Normas' shadehouse!

Real orchids in picture frames,painted clay pots secured by hangapot hangers ...Vignette by Reflections Interior Design at the 2014 Orchid Show at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Need space for your orchids? Go vertical using hangapot hangers. Lots of beautiful orchids on a pole.. make it an herb pole,or a strawberry patch on a pole pole

Orchid hanging on a stucco wall using hangapot, the hidden flower pot hanger

Use a fallen branch or a piece of driftwood to add color and life to a dull corner...Hang your flower pots with hangapot from Notice how the customer hung orchid baskets from the pots and hangers,

Real phalaenopsis orchid in painted clay pot then framed...Vignette by Reflections Interior Design at the 2014 Orchid Show at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. www.reflectionsid...

Beautiful orchids on stucco wall using hangapot hangers

Hang your orchids on a trellis..with hangapot, the hidden flower pot hanger Attaches with wire or a cable tie to a trellis Made in America! 9 for $29.95

Hang clay flower pots anywhere...large pot of ferns and orchids held with hangapot hangers to create a living wall! Hangers Made in America! The hidden flower pot hanger Free shipping! 10 hangers for $29.95

Great idea...orchid or herb pole... Attach hangapot hangers...they hold 4"-10" clay pots on an surface. Seconds to install, last a lifetime. Made in America! Free shipping in US> 10 hangers for $29.95

Orchids :) Beautiful cat.. You can attach hangapot hanger to a tree with a cable tie or wire.

Orchids This is a great gift orchid because the blooms last longer than any orchid I have...gave one to my mother that had blooms for 6 months in a nursing home. Called kaleidescope phaelenopsis

know your orchid. having trouble identifying that new gifted orchid? this will help!

Great gift for those who need more space for their orchids. Hang pots of orchids on any surface with hangapot, the hidden hanger 10 for $29.95

Incorporate more green into outdoor living spaces by hanging potted plants and orchids with hangapot hangers

homemade fertilizer for plants: Dissolve 1 Tbsp Epson salt in 1 gallon of water, water plants with this solution once per month. Great for houseplants, roses, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes. Shhh... One a month is orchid growers secret.

Save Some Bucks with These Homemade Fertilizer Recipes

Make wall look good and create more space by hanging plants and orchids using hangapot...hangers can be painted to match the wall with Fusion or paints for vinyl outdoor plastics

Multi pot hanger....use a one by two board with 7 hangapots....hang it from a tree limb or any overhead beam