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Survival tools

13 Pins

Survival tools

  • 13 Pins

Hankshaw says: I keep a Paracord Survival Pod in my Bug Out Bag and EDC. This little pod contains tin foil for cooking or signaling, tinder for easy fire starting, a carabiner, knife blade, fishing gear (floats, hooks, weights, swivels & line), and the essential paracord. This is a must have.

Survival Kit in a Pod by Survival Parachute Cord

highly portable fishing rod and tackle box made from a small section of pvc pipe

ONASEK2: 1403 ASEK Strap Cutter/Multi-Tool Ontario Knife Company   Developed as part of the Aircrew Survival Egress Knife system, this strap cutter features anodized aluminum construction, ceramic honing rod, lanyard, replaceable blade and screwdriver.

Ontario Knife Company's The Blackbird SK-5 blade is crafted from 154CM. This steel is American made, known for its superior toughness, edge-retaining ability, sharpness and corrosion resistance. The SK-5's blade is 0.13 inch thick and features a full-taper grind. The perimeter of the Micarta handle is rounded to provide a comfortable grip and is secured to the knife tang with stainless steel Allen screws. The Blackbird SK-5 comes with a MOLLE sheath.

The SP16 Ontario’s Spec Plus is a small fire axe with a weight reduction hole in the center of the head. Tested to smash glass, deflate tires, chop through cars, rip tile, egress from a burning building, pry rebar, cut wood, break locks, go through doors and open manhole covers. The tool also saw use during cleanup at Ground Zero and more recently was used for search and rescue operations shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Carried on HMX (Presidential) helicopters as a crash axe.

Best Made Company — Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper

ELEVATOR KEYS Equipped with 12 keys attached to a 5" jailer ring. Manufactured to conform with the majority of elevator manufacturer access keys. Keys are hard anodized in gold color plate to resist rust. Volt resistant key with a 5000 volt resistance as tested in salt bath Swing door key Rib key "T" style Vandal proof access key Half moon (large) Half moon (small) Drop key adjustable Side exit key Knife key fluted "Z" key Shove knife Kerry key

Auto Rescue Kit The A.R.K comes complete with the following components: - Kerry Key or "Trunk Key" for accessing vehicle locks - Spring Loaded Window Punch - Seat Belt Cutter - Shove Knife

Ark - Auto Rescue Kit

Pro-Bar Halligan tool. The official Forcible Entry Tool.

Bullet Proof Backpack Shield.

Radiation Protection Emergency Kit

Emergency Kits -

Expedition Water Treatment & Hydration

  • Bob Crupper

    well made, easy, small pkg, ceramic easy to break so be gentle when cleaning