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Hair Tips for the DIY Girl: Easy French Twist Updo Bun Tutorial

1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks

Watercolour Pineapple leopard print

Such a sad tattoo; I absolutely love this and I find so beautiful and a form of Art and grief at the same time.

If you lost your dog this is going to help you...

If you lost your dog this is going to help you…

Love Life Hacks

Bravo Krispy Kreme. Take what you have and make it work for your brand

FAST LEARNING THE EASY WAY! Awsome chronological Bible "read in 6 months couldn't put it down" & "" learn why God didn't kill Lucifer & what really happens when we die. Things we don't pick up on

Reasons why I hate Justin Bieber...

Will somebody do this for MEEE???

.not really an inside joke, but it refers to all of us. i didnt know what else to pin it under either....

Life hack