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221B Baker Street, the London House of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes in London : New York Habitat Blog

Tea time! in blue and white :)

Blue Regal Peacock 4

Cork and Crochet Knights: free pattern

LucyRavenscar - Crochet Creatures: Cork and Crochet: Knights

Path and Bluebells in Forest, UK

Cream Tea Ordering - Devon and Cornwall

clarence house queen mother | clarence+house+queen+mother.jpg

"Tweedland" The Gentlemen's club: Clarence House.

1783 map of Cornwall

kirstie Allsop's homemade teacup candle

Lifestyle - 4oD

A skilled thatcher on a thatched roof in Dorset, England

Thatcher works on a thatched cottage in Dorset England

This is how they prove London's Double-decker buses are not a tipping hazard. (1933)