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At Bass Pro Shop in Shreveport there was a sign that had a mosquito that said "Save the state bird!"

Southern Summer Skeeter Alert

Southern As Sweet Tea: Crimson - Off the Racks Boutique

Southern As Sweet Tea: Crimson

Cause I raised you better

Hide Your Crazy Black and White Baseball Tee

Kendall Jones is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eve Mercer

    That's not awesome!:( she's killing animals for fun wtf! She has no reason to harm these beautiful animals


Wednesday's Funny Pictures - 75 Pics

Ok this is funny but this would be so awesome! Why didn't I think of this! :p

Always In A Southern State Of Mind!

Always In A Southern State Of Mind: Mango

The rebel flag was the flag of the Confederate States of America. A lot of people are offended by rebel flags because they believe they symbolize racism. I am not racist. The Civil War erupted over states' rights, not slavery. The South was mostly people in favor of states' rights, the North was mostly people who wanted the national government to have more power over the states. Please, learn your history before you judge. The rebel flag symbolizes states' rights.

Urban Dictionary: Rebel flag