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“When you go out with a drunk, you’ll notice how a drunk fills your glass so he can empty his own. As long as you’re drinking, drinking is okay. Two’s company. Drinking is fun. If there’s a bottle, even if your glass isn’t empty, he’ll pour a little in your glass before he fills his own. This only looks like generosity.” - Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk. Done at HOD Tattoo, Buffalo, NY

This lucky lucky bitch! LOL

"Charlie Hunnam. Go ahead, check his imdb. Betcha didn't know Nicholas Nickleby was so damn hot. Or the creep from Cold Mountain had the body of a god. I'll take him for a birthday gift this year. " whoever wrote this made me laugh out loud. Plus just look at him...

F Forgotten Nobility - Charlie Hunnam mmmmmmm Beard & leather Charlie....

Good lord, he is hot. He's the only reason I watch Sons of Anarchy, let's be honest.

i want that sweater.. and that man. Oh Beau Mirchoff ♥

Efron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. I think I may have just died a little inside. 😍😍😍

Luke Bryan you are too precious.