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Need this hair

I would love to do this, if I could,if my husb wouldn't freak, if I wouldn't get talked about, so I guess I won't.

I wish I could do my hair this color but I think nobody would be accepting of their child's teacher having pink hair lol

  • Michelle R

    You'd be surprised! I've had the full color spectrum, not to mention actually having rainbow hair at one point. I used it as a tool to teach my infant/toddler preschoolers their colors and got plenty of compliments from parents. Also had pink hair when I was working for an optitian; I got the most compliments from the elderly patients!

  • Maya

    Go for it! I mean do what makes you happy! You only live once, right?

  • Chiara Ethen

    I dont think it should matter what your occupation is. As long as its not in any agreement youve signed. Plus who cares what the parents think the kids will be gone in a year anyways. Plus people these days ate more accepting.

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Triple forward helix...wish I had seen this when I was still getting my ears pierced.

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I kind of like behind the ear tattoos. I wouldn't get this symbol, but maybe something else small? Hmm

@Denise H. H. Lucas humm so what do you thing? I kinda like it.. its cool.. you could choose a different spot to do it if you want