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For a cold sore... Tackle it with tea. Black tea contains tannic acid, which is thought to have antiviral properties, says Ullman. Pour hot water over a tea bag to moisten it slightly and then let it sit out to cool. Place the warm bag directly onto the sore for about five minutes to aid in its healing. For the best results, apply this remedy immediately after a cold sore surfaces.

Yet another reason I wish I had the patience to knit: "Quickie Blanket" from Big Box Detox

Counteracting a throw-away society Considering the time and expense of making hand-knit socks, it is well worth the effort to repair them if you eventually wear through a hole. You say you don’t know how to darn a sock? Let me help with these photos and brief explanation...

Message Center - paint the back of a piece of glass to make a colorful dry-erase board.

Pinterest FAIL!! still awesome though.

Here's how to make those ruffled key fob things for your keychain - - this way I can have an easy way to carry my keys! - - I'm thinking of making bunches of these for gifts

Young Women "Shopping" Activity. H & M - Holy and Modest

Everytime I see the stars it makes me think of you

I don't watch the show but it says I am Jess. Totally adorkable. I get that in real life. Lol

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Christian Bale. I love the way he talks