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// "you didn't," she says quietly. "it hurt at first, but the memories were the hard part. after that, I /knew/ that nothing was broken beyond repair, because somethings are worth working towards fixing."

Sometimes when as a child we've had the impression we didn't count for some of our parental figures, we feel rejected and tend to evade interactions and flee... Our ego makes us believe now and again that we have been, are being or are about to be rejected. When we flee, the people we were about to approach risk seeing our flight as us rejecting them.

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Depression ; do they really know? I don't think so And the anger when I am asked "what the hell is wrong now?"

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  • Prayer for Anxiety

    Thanks Claudette for all your words of kindness and encouragement. Bless you!

  • Claudette Giroux

    Thank you, PfA. Sincerely, Thank you. I needed your words today.

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    I found my peace in Jesus. My worth, my hope. His word promised me he woukd give the weary rest and he did.

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    Lord I pray that just as you comforted me in my darkest moments you extend your arms around these women. Just as you raised me up out of that pit you help them out of theirs. That they may seek and come to know you for who you are and not for what the world, science, media say u are. That they may find rest in you Jesus. Amen

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i feel empty yet so full of emotion like the smallest thing could push me over the edge what do you do when there's nothing but pain left inside you and what if everythin we were looking for only existed in our dreams how do you explain something you don't even understand yourself

I cannot believe how true this is... infact its so true that I feel guilty because I now understand how we all know how each other feels but refuse to let it out and then we get trapped in each others feelings but dont know it that they are not only our own but everybody elses as well...

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Mushroom puns. He had me at "fungi." lol I love mushrooms.

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:) Absolutely love this!

Sounds like me, just too much pride, but having those next to you and knowing it allows someone to save themselves in order to be the best person they can be for those who mean the most.

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