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Maybe like a Miniature version...giraffe next to lion...and a baby ______ in between them?

Omg! I've been thinking I needed another piercing but didn't know what. This just might be it!

Pinner:"this drawing would make an awesome tattoo - reminds me of Hawaii" ME: I'm just baffled by the fact someone drew that.

pheonix, I want this on my back, no black outlines, just shades of red/orange

I like this, not crazy about the exact placement but I like how it's small and simple

Inspiring picture girl, cool, tattoo, tatuaje, tree, beauty, pretty, tatto, perfect, so cute, photo, arbol de la vida. Resolution: 500x373. Find the picture to your taste!

tattoo is based off of the idea of the red string of fate, an Asian belief that two people are connected by a red string (tied together by the gods) and they are destined to develop a great friendship, fall in love, or help each other in some way. It’s a reminder that relationships with people are going to continuously change, fall apart, evolve, and improve, and that’s okay - we are connected, nevertheless. // Plus, I think it’s pretty darn cute. Done by Jordan at Ikon Tattoo

I absolutely love this. I love paint splatters. Credited as picture from "Black Tattoo Art Book" by Needles and Sins (formerly Needled).

forearm forest tattoo | pretty amazing

Swallow Tattoo

compass rose | Tumblr

Lip Tattoos: Mustachio