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Elementary vs. High School Teachers... A humorous approach to the age old question, "Who has it worse?" #education #teacher #humor

  • mary catherine burford

    at the end of the day, middle school teachers have the worst of everything!

  • Iman Lodmell

    I think middle school teachers have it worse lol.

  • Kim Val

    Yes middle school teachers do! We have to do the bulletin boards the 10 hr essays and we have penises drawn on every desk!

  • Sheels

    It depends on the teacher.

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Great way to tell a child the truth about santa....for when that very sad day arrives.

Coolest maternity pics ever!!!

Ooh, I LOVE this cut! I don't know how cute it would look with curly hair though, and long side swept bangs like this never stay put on me...might have to try it anyway :-)

  • Hazel Davison

    I don't know how people manage to keep a cut like that in place. It would fall over my face in no time (and drive me nuts, not being able to see clearly to my right!).

  • katie kielholz

    as a former stylist, may i suggest stephanie, that you ask for a little longer version (think shoulder length) with vertical layers cut in so your hair lays nicer instead of puffing out and giving you the mushroom effect. i cut all my sisters hair still and they all have very curly hair and swear by my vertical layers. just trying to help cause i care.

  • Stephanie Pray

    That is great advice Katie :-) thank you so much!!

  • katie kielholz

    You are welcome. I hope you like your choice!

  • Victoria Hinchliffe

    Why thank you! Like the cut...

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These babies are so cute for summer. From: www.towneandreese...

"Coconut Oil Hair Treatment. Pinner says: I just did this today, and my hair is super soft and shiny! It also smells amazing." pin now, try later... You can also use herbal essences conditioner.. Or any good conditioner.

The Best New Fonts (Vol. 2)