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Education: Math, Fractions, Measurements

FRACTIONS using Legos

Math Concepts using Legos

Represent the "value" of a number

MATH: How to do Short Division

PROBLEMS: Give the child the answer and let them create the problem.

DOMINO'S to teach math

MATH: Add and Subtract using cards

MATH GAME: Line cards up in four rows of five. Flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, the child keeps the cards and replaces two more in their spot. The game ends when there are no more matches left.

Math Game

MEASUREMENTS: Great way to show the difference between cups, pints, quarts, 1/2 gallon, and gallon



VISUAL way to do a story problem with time

FRACTIONS: Butterfly method for adding and subtracting

Fraction Benchmarks


WORKSHEETS: Tons of FREE worksheets for every possible combination of elementary math!

WORKSHEET: Math Fact Decoder

3D Shapes Poem (done)


ONLINE: Self-grading Timed Quizzes for Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication