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13 Tips for Growing Better Tomatoes ~ One I didn't know is to put Epsom salt in the whole where you plant your tomatoes, Then water with Epsom salt water.

Self watering container - once again using those empty 2 liter bottles!

How To Make A Cool Looking Large Leaf Birdbath – DIY Project

How To Make A Recycled Wine Bottle Solar Heated Garden Bed

Shade lovers, A variety of plants with interesting leaves, including Astilboides, Lamium, Hosta, Heuchera, Aconitum, Dicentra

Cloche from thrift store light fixture

Garden Cloches | English Lamp Posts

Pollinating Bee Log is the natural home for Mason Bees and other Solitary Bees as well as a variety of over wintering insects. Vital for pollinating fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, these bees are non swarming and non aggressive and are safe with children and pets. The Log is designed to give good insulation (does not require moving inside in winter) and is filled with natural nesting tubes for the bees.

How to grow mushrooms in your backyard.

Sunken watering pots and an understory of vetch keep zucchini, crookneck squash and pattypan going strong.

Cutest little garden shed/studio made from all recycled doors, windows, trim.

So many uses for old pallets! Make doormats in several colors to match the seasons. Via The Rooster and The Hen

Palletpalooza and a Giveaway Winner | The Rooster and The Hen

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