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Grinch Christmas Wreath. Lots of neat wreath ideas using the same burlap wreath base & changing out decorations for each season/holiday

DIY - Grinch Christmas Wreath

Candles and spices (use appropriate ones of each for your intentions) - Cloves, Cardamom Pods, Cassia Chips - the list goes on!


So smart! Cut a small "x" into ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs on a string of lights.

Saifou images | SaiFou

Wine Bottles - sprayed and rolled in epson salt....for the snow effect. Very pretty!

stringing popcorn and pom poms

Could easily gather up some pine cones and spray paint them for some cheap Christmas decor.

Frosty hat made from 1/2 oatmeal box and paper plate, sprayed black; then embellished. It is lightweight and does not topple tree. Unseen on other side is a melting snow drip coming from top of hat made with glue and glitter. Would make a cute real snowman hat or nice on a table setting. Use for gift drawing names for next Christmas or for pulling out blessing written by guests, etc. etc.