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I think my twin really is adopted! Or maybe switched at birth, we are nothing alike!

Sleep With Strangers Eye Mask by Flight 001. Make fellow plane patrons laugh while you snooze. $22

FLUFFY bull. Gives new meaning to one of my favorite sayings "I'm not feeling to fluffy this morning". LOL

Apple Pie Moonshine: Ingredients 1 gallon Spiced Apple Cider 1 gallon Apple Juice 1-½ cup Granulated Sugar 1-½ cup Light Brown Sugar 8 whole Cinnamon Sticks 1 bottle (750ml Size) 190-Proof Grain Alcohol Bring everything to a boil except alcohol. Let mixture cool completely. Add alcohol. Put into sterile mason jars. Let moonshine mellow for a few weeks. Enjoy!

I have C.R.A.F.T, sisters in the club know what it stands for!


  • Kelly Schultz Wilson

    True story. In response to someone having breast cancer, "someone" I know shrugged and said, "Bad things happen to bad people." That same person had a pacemaker installed in her FAULTY heart by the time she was 30. So apparently, karma really is a bitch if you are.

bitch AMEN!

bitch, Karma is a MOTHER F!!!

If this was printed on t-shirts I know who I would give them too!!

If this was printed on t-shirts I know who I would give them too!!

The perfect gift for men with crazy ex-wives.... we all know some!