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The Butterfly Circus- A short film that will warm your soul. Great for team building activities, or incorporate with a Scouter's Minute.

The Circle Game: Not necessarily a team building game, rather a useful tool to get to know more about each boy.

Science Gal: Setting Expectations for Group Work - Tie 4 strings around an elastic and the kids have to stretch the elastic as a team to pick up red solo cups and place them in a configuration. Also has ideas for individual roles that can be rotated.

lego team building

Chatter Sticks! To help get the conversation started. And a great time filler!

Importance of Teamwork/groupwork ice-breaker; use string and a rubber band to move a stack of cups from one desk to another. For younger kids, tie string to the rubber band ahead of time, but for older kids, I think I'd give them the string and rubber band and have them figure out how to use them.

Saving Fred-Students work in teams to save Fred, the gummy worm, who can't swim. His 'boat' (cup) has capsized before he put on his life preserver (a ring) The rule is students can't touch any of the items so they collaboratively use paper clips. They must get the ring on Fred and they must get him on the boat, too. (Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies)

Great for first intro working in groups---Setting Expectations for Group Work

Wet noodle is so fun. Watch this demo! Tape a cup full of water to the top of a pool noodle. I'd tape a "hold here" on the noodle. The kids race to pass it up and down the line without spilling the water.

Free printable rules for The Kit Kat game- my kiddos would love this. Adding it to the Summer bucket list! (It would make a fun gift idea too) www.TheDatingDiva...

A few camp team building games