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I love the pattern of this fabric, especially the colors.

At $1695, I'm sure this Joseph Cashmere Wrap Coat is woth every penny. Available at Harrods.

“Post-Its are great straight edges.”Cut a standard size Post-It in half to create equal size “sticky” pieces. Applyit above the lashline . Place the Post-It &check for balance,” says Smith. “Edges must match up on both sides.” From the outside of the eye, work inwards with liquid liner, using the edge of the Post-It as a boundary. Let the product dry & emove the Post-It. “From there you can draw in the rest of the liner if needed and add a flick at the corners,”

Makeup Secrets You Haven't Heard Before #refinery2 Who would of thunk it? Milk of Magnesia as a base for facial make0up. Makes make-up last.

Black Long Sleeve Loose Sweater -

Black Long Sleeve Loose Sweater -

Camel Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Chunky Sweater - I own this sweater. it is very warm.

Looks a lot like my old dog pup although she was a little stockier.

When I was in college I wanted one of these coats so bad.

Sterling Silver Ring | Poseidon Band | Gemvara $205

Star Shine from @NOVICA, They help #artisans succeed worldwide.

Ramu earrings. Gold and lapis I think. They listed for $220.

Mustard Yellow Shabby Chic Hand Crafted Adjustable by Flowerleaf, $28.00

Skyscraper IV Destroyed. A tourmaline rough by WexfordJewelers, $3120.00

Vintage Natural Aquamarine & Diamond Ring Solid 18K White Gold