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the coolest DIY egg carton trick ever: turn a string of Christmas lights into flower-shaped fairy lights.

Plain lamp + hot glue gun = Amazingness

Coffee Filter Color Wheels - Phyl at "There's a Dragon in My Art Room" has some cool ideas for coffee filters.

Love this way to repurpose old frames for jewelry!

What a great idea! I really like this new take on the family tree. Hanging photos off the limbs is SO creative. Gotta try this one at home!

Fills a gallon milk jug: 11 Cups Water 4 Cups Ajax dish soap (anti-bacterial works best) 1 Cup corn syrup Add food coloring if desired.

A bunch of boy birthday ideas. @Bethany Hillary thought of Andrew when I read about the Monster Truck party fatchomps

Awesome way to let the rock's natural beauty show through!